◊  Recent Nielsen measurement studies show radio provides a 6:1 return on investment

◊  Radio reaches 94% of all consumers every week.

◊  Radio reaches 73% of all consumers every day.

◊  Radio Reaches people everywhere; at home, in their cars and at work.

◊  Radio reaches people on the go.

◊  Radio is the last media a consumer will hear before they make a purchase for the day.

◊  Radio allows the advertiser to build a relationship with their customers.

◊  Radio moves Product.

◊  Radio is paramount for establishing top-of-mind awareness.

◊  Radio can complement other advertising campaigns.

◊  Radio is the medium of choice all day; 44% of a consumer's day is spent listening to  the radio.

◊  Radio is highly effective in targetability, meaning it can get your message to a particular group of people with specific tastes and values.

◊  Listeners are loyal to their stations because they identify with its values and messages, therefore creating a tight bond that is deeply rooted.